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Fun with Art Resin!

I am so happy to have found Art Resin - that gel-like glossy coating that gives artwork a professional finish. A year ago, I had never touched the stuff, but through tutorials and trial and error, I now apply Art Resin as a regular part of my practice. Curious how it works? You can follow the step-by-step guide below, or skip to the video at the bottom to see how I took this recent artwork to the next level with Art Resin:

1. I painted a circular panel with ink and rubbing alcohol per my usual technique:

Ink was on circular panelInk wash on circular panel 2

2. After the ink was dry, the next step was the to make sure my panel was level before applying the resin. This helps to avoid resin from running off the sides:

3. Next, I used the resin calculator to determine how much resin I'd need to mix to cover this 24" diameter panel:
Art Resin Circle Calculator

I then mixed 8 oz of resin with 8 oz of hardener for 3 full minutes to allow the chemical reaction to take place:
4. Once mixed, I had roughly 40 minutes to work with the resin before it set. I spread it out evenly all the way to the edges of the panel and used a butane torch to pop any bubbles:
Pouring art resin
Art Resin with Butane Torch

5. After covering overnight, I checked back 24 hrs later to find my resin perfectly smooth and glossy - notice the light reflecting!
Shiny Art Resin

6. Next, I masked out an area to apply mirror paint and painted the edges silver.
mirror paint masking

Now it's complete! I love how reflective and shiny the resin turned out. This is just the first in a collection I'm working on inspired by Aura Photography in preparation for a solo show this Fall. Stay tuned to see more!

Finished Resin Circular Panel Detail

See the whole process in action in this 2 min video:

If you're interested in seeing a multi-layered resin piece, see my documentary video of the "Like Attracts Like" video HERE.