A Gratitude Movement

In 2019, you may recall I had a gratitude-themed "Please Press Pause" Solo Exhibition at Art for the People Gallery. Part of that exhibit included an interactive component where gallery patrons anonymously shared their reasons for gratitude on the back of painting strips, which were then hung from the rafters for all to read. It was moving to see all the different sentiments - from "sparkles" to "beer" to "cancer free" in all the different handwritings. In an unexpected way, it ended up being my favorite part of the exhibit, as the message of gratitude spread to all who attended.

Well, it just so happened that a local art teacher saw the show and was inspired to create a similar school-wide gratitude art project with her students. It too had quite an impact with hundreds of gratitude statements lining the hallways. Last week, that teacher presented her lesson plan to art teachers from across the county at the National Art Education Association Convention in New York. The thought of this becoming a gratitude movement thrills me - all I want with my art is to connect and spread these kinds of uplifting messages to others. 

Fun fact: After the "Please Press Pause" show came down, I commemorated the gratitude sentiments in a Gratitude Mandala that hangs in my entryway as a daily reminder to seek gratitude.