About the Artist

Julie PelaezI have always felt a need to be creative and have sensed a nagging imbalance whenever I’m not fueling that need. As the daughter of a watercolor artist, I was exposed and encouraged to explore art at a young age. While I enjoyed fine art, I never quite felt passionate about any particular medium, and found my creative needs met with Advertising Design. After obtaining my BFA from the University of Delaware, I spent a decade at advertising agencies in and around the DC Metro area.
When motherhood came, I seized the opportunity to raise my 2 boys and reboot. A move to Austin and a chance encounter with alcohol inks opened my creative floodgates. I had found my medium. Their fluid dance and soulful nature immediately called to me. I find the process itself to provide a symbolic practice of relinquishing control and being more present. It is an intuitive dance, a give and take between artist and medium.
After years of honing my skills at home, I began to exhibit in several solo and group shows at galleries and local businesses around Austin, TX beginning in 2015. In 2017, I expanded my work to include home and personal accessories.