Art Commission Process

From a soft nursery room accent to a 2-story corporate statement piece, I love teaming with clients to bring their visions to life. It all starts with a few questions and after gathering the basic info, I'm happy to provide a free estimate with a choice of options. Don't know exactly what you want? That's fine too - I'm happy to make recommendations based on your space, budget and existing artworks that inspire you.

It all starts with an email to I like to first gather information from you in certain categories. These questions help me determine the size, materials and time needed so I can give a more accurate estimate:

1. ART SURROUNDINGS - In what room will the piece hang? What is the color scheme of that space? What are the wall measurements? What is the wall color/material? If you don't know what size would be proportionate, I am happy to make a recommendation based on the location of the piece. And you don't have to stick to standard sizes - I am able to get customized sizes in a variety of substrates.

2. ART STYLE/MATERIALS - Which of my artworks do you gravitate towards? I have a variety of different styles and substrates that I work in and any references to specific artworks/titles help us be on the same page.

3. BUDGET/TIMING - Is there a budget and/or timeframe in mind? As a general rule, customized artworks are 15-20% higher than artworks you might see on my website to cover the additional time required for back-and-forth communication and planning. 

Armed with this information, it is my turn to get quotes from vendors, price out materials and time relevant to size and selected style. An estimate will detail all costs including materials, my time, shipping and tax, as well as a turnaround time frame so that there are no surprises and what to expect along the way. If approved, 50% deposit is due up front, and the second half upon completion.