Art Treasure Hunting for the Holidays

Not unlike hairstyles and wardrobes, the art we hang in our homes is an opportunity to express our individuality. We spend a TON of time in the environments we create, and what we surround ourselves with can no doubt impact our mood. So what's on your walls? Do the pieces inspire you? Take you back to a fond memory or evoke a coveted emotion? Art can do all these things, but it's not a one-size-fits all solution. Art collecting can be like a treasure hunt in that way. You might not even know what you like until you see it, but when you find "the one", it speaks to you and draws you in. It can make you smile or take a deep inhale each time you see it. Now that sounds like a gift to yourself! (or a joint holiday gift for yourself and significant other). 
Some people think there is a stuffiness associated with art collecting, but that's so not the case! Working artists like myself have lots of works in various sizes, styles and subject matter - the choices are endless, affordable and I promise, we're approachable : ) Don't ever be afraid to chat with an artist to ask more about the background of a piece, if you can arrange to see it in person, how it was made, etc. 
This holiday season, I'm proud to offer $100 off ALL one-of-a-kind original artworks with code: 100THANKS now through 12/31. Happy treasure hunting!