"hoMEostasis" New Art Collection coming 5/1

A new art collection is in the works! "hoMEostasis" is about looking inward to find balance, harmony, regulate our nervous systems and stand deeply rooted in ourselves, no matter the external factors that are whirling around us. We cannot control outside circumstances, other people's opinions, weather, outcomes, etc. The one constant thing in our control is our inner world. Our thoughts are what shape our mood, open ourselves to possibility, self acceptance, and ultimately, experience happiness. Our materialistic culture, however would lead us to believe happiness is obtained through external validation, achievement or amassing a ton of belongings.

"hoMEostasis", with an emphasis on "ME", is a calling to get quiet and go within. It is a visual calibration of the different parts of ourselves, finding stability and serenity, with ourselves as the source. Soothing color palettes, gradients and delicately balanced compositions create a moment of calm. These artworks feature acrylic on raw canvas, adding an element of earthiness to further ground ourselves. Artworks will be wired 2 ways so they can be hung either vertical or horizontal. 

The new series releases to the public May 1 online, however email subscribers will have early access at 24-48 hrs in advance so be sure to sign up via the pop up window.

I can't wait to share this new body of work with you, thanks for following along!