Meaning Behind Art Part 1: "Rewriting the Path"

(Original post from Instagram 9/27/18) Most don’t know the story of how my family moved from Maryland to Texas. I still can’t believe it myself. One winter afternoon, we were watching HGTV’s “House Hunters” complaining about the cold & fantasizing about moving. Then it hit us — my husband worked 100% remotely, I had recently left my advertising career to be a full time mom & the boys were not yet in school… it was possible! 

The plan then formed: we would rent out our home for 2 yrs & travel to 4 cities, 6 mos each. After 2 yrs, we’d come back to MD in time for Kinder. We decided on Austin, Denver, Chicago, & Charleston. Things happened almost too easily. We found a great family to rent our home, a furnished Austin rental on Craigslist, sold our 2nd car & moved all but clothes & kid gear into storage. 6 mos from that HGTV episode, we hit the road with a Uhaul & 2 kids (9 mos & 3yrs) & drove to a city we’d never been to. 

It was scary & thrilling at the same time. We explored the city, had adventures & found a community of friends. It was fun, but I could also feel my whole identity shifting - going from a high-paced advertising creative to full time mom, starting over in a new city, meeting all new people… The “Rewriting the Path” series is my reflection of this time. The vertical pattern of colors represents my MD life: familiar & predictable. The stark path carving through represents us taking a total sideways turn, defining a new direction & disrupting the pattern. The path continues across all 4 paintings, highlighting the progression of my journey. The cool tones signify the pace - calmly unfolding over time. 

As you might have guessed, 6 mos became an extended stay. After 2 yrs, we sold our MD house & made Austin home. So that’s the meaning behind “Rewriting the Path”. Makes you see it differently now, huh? Originals & prints of “Rewriting the Path” available on website under Shop > Originals & Shop > Art Prints I