Meaning Behind Art Part 5: "Escape Conformity"

(original post from Instagram 10/25/18) I grew up in a pretty traditional household. I followed the rules and can safely say I’ve never been accused of being a big risk taker. Yet despite my straight arrow demeanor, in my 20’s, time and time again I felt judged up against a certain image by those around me. (And by those around me, I mean beyond my friends and family who knew me well). Think general society - like strangers who would look me up and down when I entered a room, meeting someone new who’s first question was “What do you do?” followed by a level of interest that signified their approval/disapproval, or getting stared at while holding the hands of a man who is a different race. Seeking the approval of others was exhausting and just nonsense. As I got older, I spent less time caring what others thought and more time being me, regardless of whether that met the “expectations” of others. But never were societal pressures felt less than when I moved to Austin. The authenticity of the people I met, the laid back lifestyle, I mean geez, the variety of fashion alone... There was no one definition of success, no one single way to be. That’s part of what has made me so comfortable in this city. I don’t feel measured against a certain standard, and more importantly it’s a place I feel I can raise my boys to be true to who they are. I guess it’s like the “Keep Austin Weird” theme - anything goes and everyone is accepted.

This refreshing perspective was the inspiration behind “Escape Conformity”. The collection of dots at the bottom represent the masses while on the right, some of the dots are breaking away from the pack. The main background consisting of red and green, (which are opposites on the color wheel), blend together to provide an open embrace. The overall feeling is freeing and warm.

I may never be known as a risk taker but I can be comfortable being authentically me. Art prints of “Escape Conformity” available via my website here.