Meaning Behind Art Part 6: "Stepping Stones"

(original post from Instagram 11/1/18) Have you ever seen that movie “Sliding Doors”? Basically, the main character misses the train & then the movie proceeds to show the 2 different paths her life takes: the one where she missed the train & a version where she caught it & got home to find… well, I won’t spoil it, but that 1 event changed the course of her future. We don’t have the luxury to play out the “what ifs” if we did things differently, but if you were to visually map the big events & decisions of your life, I guarantee they would not be linear. We might plan for a goal & think X will lead to Y but other unforeseen opportunities crop up, leading us off our carefully thought out plan & taking us off to other directions. I, like many, like to think that I have control of my trajectory, but then upon examination, it’s clear that none of us can ever know what’s going to happen next. Did I know that when I got a job at a seafood restaurant one summer that it would lead me to meet my future husband? Not an inkling. (See Part 4 of this series for more on that). Did I foresee our 6 month stint in Austin turning into what’s now 7 years? No way. (Explained in Part 1 if you’re curious). Did I imagine that a stop on the EAST Austin Studio Tour in 2013 would expose me to alcohol inks & ignite a passion? I didn’t even know what they were back then!!! You get my point. This non-linear progression we take through life inspired “Stepping Stones”, a 3D piece that leads you from one side to the other in a haphazard fashion. The dimension and subtle ombre gradation represent gradual progression while the ever present stone gray is grounding.

Some steps are larger and higher than others & nothing is necessarily “better” or “worse” - it’s just a highlight of the path that you chose. My degree was in Advertising Design & somehow here I am a fine artist - you just never know how the decisions you make today will influence your future. “Stepping Stones” already spoken for, but similar commissions are always welcome, just email me anytime!