Meaning Behind Art Part 7: Inspired by Yellowstone

(original post from Instagram 11/8/18) This past summer, my family and I travelled to Yellowstone National Park and for as many pictures I had seen of the famous Grand Prismatic beforehand, standing before it was beyond comparison. The colors were so saturated and high def, not to mention the naturally occurring color palettes that I never would have put together on my own. It felt like I was walking a different planet!

The color lover in me was salivating. I absorbed all I could, inspired by the countless hot springs that dotted the landscape. It was so majestic, how could I not be inspired to make art based on what I saw? Upon return, I created “Prismatic Maze” - a loose, abstract interpretation, with colors pulled directly from Mother Earth's palette. 


“Prismatic Maze” floats against a white linen backdrop, housed within a neon orange acrylic frame, screaming off the wall just like the real Grand Prismatic contrasts against the surrounding dirt.

Prints of “Prismatic Maze” are available here