Meaning Behind Art Part 9: "Be" Series

(original post from Instagram 11/29/18) Everyone has personality traits they don’t like about themselves. But actually improving ourselves is easier said than done. Our habits and tendencies are so ingrained, I don’t know about you but I’ve had some of the same ones on my list year after year. It takes time to rewire our brains. The more we remind ourselves of the changes we desire, the higher the likelihood they will stick. My “Be” Series was just that - a practice of bringing into focus the kind of person I wanted to BE: “Be: Present”, “Be: Centered”, “Be: Spontaneous”, “Be: Flexible”.

Each piece utilizes a graphic representation of that concept - “Be: Present” has a circular shape enclosing around a particular part of the flow, or time, which is passing by; “Be: Centered” spirals over and over, grounding itself with focus and balance; “Be: Spontaneous” has lines happily criss-crossing in no predictable pattern; and “Be: Flexible” features two circles that have to move in order to let the waving line move through.

Have I successfully mastered all these traits? Let’s say I’m still a work in progress… Good luck to all of you out there making your own self improvements!!! The originals of "Be: Present", "Be: Spontaneous", and "Be: Flexible" are available here and prints of "Be: Centered" can be found here.