New "Like Attracts Like" Art Collection

The Law of Attraction claims that whatever energy you put out into the world is the same energy that gravitates back to you. So I ask... are you receiving the kind of energy that you want? Let's focus, just a little, on radiating the exact energy we seek to receive. With that in mind, I created this series to inspire. Each piece touches on a certain desired energy, while the outer shapes bend and shift to feed off of the larger inner shapes. The shapes themselves creatively symbolize energy at the molecular level, with a core representing our inner beings/thoughts vs. an outer shell of how we portray ourselves outwardly. 

Each 18" x 24" artwork is a total labor of love. This is by far my most ambitious dive into the world of resin. On top of layers of ink and iridescent metallic acrylic, the ink and paper shapes float between multiple layers of resin to create depth and shadow. The color palettes directly correlate to the identified energy. Each one-of-a-kind piece is signed and ready to hang. I introduce to you:

"Exuberance Attracts Exuberance"

"Courage Attracts Courage" 

"Curiosity Attracts Curiosity"

and "Authenticity Attracts Authenticity"

We have the power to attract the energy we want into our life. I have found that the more I am aware of this and practice it, the more it comes back to me. I invite you to give it a try!