Expanding the Ripples of Empowerment in 2023

It has been my mission for a while now to create artwork that explores topics and themes that I myself find empowering, so that I in turn communicate and share those messages with you. I connect with others through my art and it lights me up to think that my collectors are greeted with these inspiring thoughts and perspectives on a daily basis when they see the works on their wall. 

But this coming year, together we are going to spread that ripple of empowerment even further. Each month in 2023, I will be donating 10% of that month's profits to select charities that put the power directly into the hands of different groups of people - through education, skills, access, financial relief or opportunity. It’s a win-win-win: I create art that fills my heart, collectors enjoy the art in their homes, and both of us are able to support others towards their goals. Good feels all around.

I am just one artist, but all contributions add up, allowing us to zoom out and make that ripple of empowerment reach even further.

Art has helped me in more ways I can express, from mental health, to processing ideas, to understanding myself and finding my voice. This pledge to give back is another way to share the very power that art has gifted me. 

Here are some of the charities in the line up for Q1 to be updated as the year goes on:

January: Malala Fund - pushing for girl’s access to education across the world More at malala.org

February: The Hunger Project - investing in sustainable hunger solutions. More at thp.org

March: Center for Reproductive Rights - legislative support for women's reproductive rights. More at reproductiverights.org

April: Bike League is an organization that provides advocacy, infrastructure and education for more bike-friendly roads across the country. This topic is of personal importance to me, as my brother-in-law was struck by an SUV while cycling.

May: Rescue.org supplies critical aid to those displaced from war or natural disasters across the globe. 

June: Organizations dedicated to ridding the oceans of plastic

July: RIP Medical Debtan organization providing financial relief to help those with mounting medical bills pay off their balance and avoid bankruptcy.

Aug: Clean Air Task Force

Sept: Maui United Way

Oct: Metavivor

Nov: Central Texas Food Bank

Grateful for your help in this mission to empower. Stay tuned for more charities throughout the year!