Title an Artwork

I am inching closer to releasing my new “Everyday Yay” collection and enjoying every minute of it, even while working out logistics, which comes with the territory when navigating never-done-before techniques in 3D. These colorful, festive-looking artworks celebrate the small things in life - like finding $5 in your pocket or getting the closest parking space - because when you think about it, there are so many reasons we can celebrate! Research shows that practicing gratitude on a daily basis, however small the reason, can improve our overall mindset and mood. Here are a few working titles:“Here’s to the perfect ratio of coffee and creamer”

“Here’s to eye contact with my kid”

“Here’s to finding the car keys”

“Here’s to remembering the items on the grocery list I left at home”

So let’s practice some gratitude. What everyday wins do you celebrate? if you have any title suggestions of your own, I’d love to hear! Email them to me and they just might end up on an artwork: hello@juliepelaezstudios.com