Interview with Discover Abstract Artists

I am honored to have been recently interviewed by, an online resource for finding and getting to know abstract artists in the US and Canada. You can read the full interview below or on their website HERE

We want to introduce you to Austin, Texas based abstract artist, Julie Pelaez. Scroll down to get to know Julie more and see some of her original art pieces from her ‘Constructs Of The Mind’ collection. 


Austin Texas Abstract Artist Julie Pelaez

How would you describe your artistic style?

Bold, modern art with a mix of fluidity and control 

What’s the main inspiration for your art?

I create because it lights me up. The particular manner in which I paint changes often as I am directly guided by the personal journeys of self discovery I am exploring in that season of life, be it mindfulness or gratitude or the Law of Attraction.

What is the biggest goal you try to achieve with your art?

Connection! I consider myself a storyteller and my goal is to communicate empowering themes we can all relate to through symbolism, backstories and resources. I work in collections, each one holding up a mirror, presenting a question for the viewer to contemplate. Through their introspection, they not only connect with the art, but a deeper understanding of themselves.

What’s your favourite thing about being an abstract artist?

Working in the abstract world allows me to interpret complex ideas that have no visual. In this realm, I get to call the shots – it is the perfect balance of being both challenging and rewarding.

Why abstract art and not other mediums? Have you always created abstract art or did you start out creating other styles?

When I look back on it now, I had taken countless art classes growing up and in college, but it was always centered around representational subject matters like a still life, portraits, landscapes, etc which just did not do it for me me. While I could draw those things, I never felt a spark. Consequently, I didn’t end up pursuing art as a career. But once I was introduced to the abstract world over a decade later, its exhilarating pull took hold and provided me a freedom to express myself in a language beyond the familiar.

If you could describe your art in three words, what would they be?

Conceptual, empowering, ever-evolving.

What’s one thing people might not know about you and/or your art journey so far?

I am a creative explorer. This is why each of my collections looks so different from the next. I like the challenge of trying new substrates, mediums and layering techniques to convey new themes and push traditional expectations. Tangling thread with painting strips, wiring sculptural paper through canvas, suspending shapes in multiple layers of resin, or creating interplay between painted plexiglass panels – this breadth of vocabulary helps me to elicit a range of emotions to carry my messages.

Did you always know you’d be an artist or how has your art journey progressed?

Although creativity has always been a part of who I am, I never thought I’d be an artist. My first career was as an Advertising Art Director for 10 years. This is where I developed my strong sense of conceptual thinking that is so ingrained in my work. After some major life changes including quitting my job to stay at home with 2 kids and a move from Maryland to Austin, TX, I happened to pick up alcohol inks as a creative outlet. My artistic floodgates flew open. I was hooked and have been exercising my art muscles ever since, gaining speed each year. Living in an art-friendly city like Austin has also provided me opportunities to show consistently and have a supportive community of artists and collectors.

In your opinion, what’s the most important personal characteristic needed to embark on a career as an artist?

Self-reliance. Know that you can do it, and if you ever get stuck, know that you can figure it out.

What advice would you give up and coming abstract artists?

Paint from your own distinct voice, not following trends or pleasing others. Making art is such a raw, personal form of expression so find what you have to say.

Do you have any favourite podcasts or books that you love and that have contributed to your journey as an artist?

The Cathy Heller podcast – she’s not art-specific, but she’s got an incredibly abundant mindset and inspiring guest interviews with all kinds of entrepreneurs and go-getters.

What’s your most fulfilling and enjoyable experience as an artist so far?

Community engagement at an exhibit where gallery patrons filled the wall with reasons for gratitude on an interactive piece; vulnerable exchanges on Instagram about mindfulness and trying to become better versions of ourselves; heartfelt conversations at art shows about the inspirations and backstories behind my works – in the end, it is all about how art allows us to connect and relate. These are the moments I enjoy most and aim to resonate with collectors for years to come every time they see my artwork on their wall.

Where do you see yourself and your art in 5 years?

One thing I definitely want to continue offering is my time-released art collections directly via my website/Instagram (make sure you’re on my email list to get early access), working on more commissions for individuals and art consultants, and expanding my line of wallpaper offerings.

Anything else you’d like to share?

In the spirit of empowerment, this year I’m giving back 10% of sales from each month to a different charity that puts the power directly into the hands of others in various capacities from education to hunger to women’s rights. Each month is a new cause to support and it feels so good to spread the ripple of empowerment!