Have you ever met someone who radiated a certain energy? Without seeing anything, you could sense a specific vibration that either pulled you in, repelled you or was neutral. Each of us carries an “aura”, and it can change day to day. The phenomenon of Aura Photography is a dying art which has the ability to translate the energetic vibrations emanating from a person into visible color fields using a special camera with electrode sensors (google it and you'll see)! As a color lover, this was fascinating to me, and even more so was the thought that we can influence our auras by changing our mood or behavior. This exhibit combines color palettes pulled directly from Aura Photography portraits along with a mirror element to invite you to examine your own reflection and the aura you exude vs. the aura you wish to exude. “Own Your Aura” challenges you to consciously show up and step into your chosen energy. Through this internal observation, we can recalibrate as we evolve towards becoming better versions of ourselves. After all, as quantum physics states “everything and everyone are composed of vibrational energy, and we are all connected through that energy”. Let's raise that vibration together!

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