Aura 3: Red, Pink, Green
Aura 3: Red, Pink, Green
Aura 3: Red, Pink, Green
Aura 3: Red, Pink, Green

Aura 3: Red, Pink, Green

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23" x 33" Ink and mirror paint on layered transparent plexiglass, gold or silver hardware
Can be displayed vertically or horizontally, mounted with wall anchors (included)
Mirror paint, seen here in the shape of a rectangle, is highly reflective like that of a true mirror

According to Aura Photography, 
Red = Grounded, Self-Confident, Experience the World Through Physicality, Passionate, Logistically Minded
Pink = Very High Frequency, Love/Spiritual Awareness, Creativity
Green = Personal Growth, Healing, Teaching, Growth Focused, Ability to Accomplish Goals
(Source: Carrie Moss, Austin Aura Photographer)

Step into your chosen energy. Part of the "Own Your Aura" Collection, inspired by Aura Photography and the inarguable energies we emanate on a daily basis. Each piece contains a mirror element and airy color fields, so that viewers can see their own reflection and be more intentional about the energy they are putting out into the world. 

Minor wear. Plexiglass scratches easily so please handle with care. It is recommended to wear rubber gloves and use 2 people when installing. Clean with lint-free dust cloth as needed (no sprays).